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Engraved Holly; a Fatal Frame III based Panfandom Roleplay

On a night just like every other night, you close your eyes and drift far from consciousness. You dream; but the experience is not quite like anything you have dreamt before.

Slowly and silently amidst a desolate mountain forest, snow falls from the black sky and through the decrepit ceiling of an old, labyrinthine structure. Weatherworn floorboards creek as you warily begin to explore, your path dimly lit by lanterns and the moonlight that manages to permeate the paper screens – what may be left of them in many rooms.

You have never been here; you should not be here, and yet… something beckons you deeper; the fleeting sight of someone you cherish – someone you have lost and long to see, if only once more. Perhaps it is the barely audible notes of a mysterious lullaby that echoes distantly through the halls, or merely your own morbid curiosity…

But as the warmth is drawn from you, each breath visibly dissipating in the cold, heavy air, you know that you are not alone. There are others who dream and cannot wake; among them, those who do not welcome you. Unfortunately, it will take more than a sudden shock for you to return to the comfort of your own bed; your own room, your own world.

…For you are now trapped within the Manor of Sleep.

The Vacant Dream

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We will be starting fresh, so put your game faces on


VATHEON ; a panfandom underwater rp
VATHEON ; a panfandom underwater rpCollapse )

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When you wake up, you find yourself in what appears to be a large bird's nest. It's just your size and quite comfortable, at least until you remember that you don't normally sleep in one. When you sit up and look around, you find that you've been taken to a fantastic city. It's rather beautiful, to be sure; almost something that you'd hear about in a fairy tale. As you step out of your nest, however, you quickly find out something interesting about this city: it's floating in the sky.

Yes, the city floats high above the ground, to the point where you can't even see said ground: only a mass of clouds. Luckily, there seem to be large stone fences around the edge; you won't be falling off unless you deliberately climb over.

It's not long before you notice a few other oddities about this city. First of all, you're wearing a gemstone pendant around your neck, and have hardly an idea how it got there. Another strange thing is that your powers - whatever they might have been - are limited, somehow. There might be some you can't use, or you simply might not be able to use them to their full extent. It seems difficult to leave this place, as well. You could fly out, but who knows how far away the ground is, let alone a mountain to rest on?

Who brought you here, and why? No one can answer this question for you. You could search for the answers if you so wish, but you will find no evidence. You might try to escape, but you'll inevitably die doing so. Death isn't the end here, either. If you do happen to meet your end, you'll only awaken back in your nest, with or without your memories of this place.

Welcome to Skynest. Enjoy your stay.



Taken characters

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Name: Eiyoko
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Hotel Oblivion ; a not quite superhero RP

You wake up in an elevator. Well, not really. It's a televator, if you tell any of the staff that they will probably give you a really cold glare and correct you, leaving you feeling kind of stupid. You wouldn't like that, would you? Anyway, this is a televator, or rather, a teleporting elevator. You wake up in it and hey look in the corner, there's a suitcase. It's a rather plain, brown suitcase with a few 'Welcome to Las Vegas' or 'Missing you in sunny California' stickers. You may or may not know where those places are. There is also a small phone looking device next to it. When you pick it up you will see there's a keyboard that slides out and a camera. One of those newfangled phones that your mother complains about. "Back in my day, we had to turn a wheel to dial the numbers," but then of course she changes the topic to when you will give her grandchildren and we all don't want to hear about that.

Or not, maybe she's dead. I don't know, I'm just the narrator!

Let's get back on topic, if you look to your other side you will see a sign. The sign has over in an arch like fashion "Welcome To The" and then underneath in big (or big for the small space of the televator) flashing lights "HOTEL OBLIVION". Actually, it's more like "H TEL OBLI ION". It seems someone has been lazy in changing the light bulbs. Nevermind though, because the televator doors are opening.

You need to get up from the floor now, Sir/Madam/Cousin It, for we are here.


Welcome to Hotel Oblivion, a multifandom RP centered around superheroes. Yet not exactly. It's loosely based around the comic book series, The Umbrella Academy by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá. Basically, we've taken the concepts from that series and twisted it around for our own sick pleasure. Sound fun, right?

Your characters are given a superpower and a number on arrival, with a warning that says something of theirs has been taken away. They are told to "survive" and also given a room number in the hotel. The game is set in the middle of an unnamed city which is similar to New York City or Los Angeles.

hoteloblivion -- Main Logging Community
hotel_ooc -- OOC Community
oblivimods -- Hotel Oblivion Mod Account
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Game open: June 1st!
Reservations: Open!

The Dollsyhouse

Welcome to the Dollsyhouse.

It started when you slipped. Or it felt like that. You slipped on something--you don't know what--and you fell. And then you were inside a house. And you could not leave.

The house was odd, certainly--you found a door that opened to a brick wall, and a staircase to the ceiling with no use you could think of. There's a storeroom on the second floor that hurts your eyes to look at, and daytime has gone on for far too long. But certainly it could be worse. There are bedrooms, and food, and there is company: people like you, who slipped. Some of them are strange, but it's better than nothing. Though it's hard to sleep with the sunlight in your eyes. You wish for nightfall.

Then the sun sets, and you take it back.

If days are long, nights are longer, and the sounds of construction ring constantly in your ears. And the things come out. Things you had never believed in before--or maybe you had. Either way, the house is dangerous, you realize that now. And again you try to leave.

But you can't, of course. The Dollsyhouse welcomes you; it does not wish for its guests to leave just yet.


The Dollsyhouse is a multifandom roleplay for ages sixteen and up. Trapped inside a peculiar house, characters explore and try to figure out just what's going on. The days are long, but the nights are longer--and the monsters come out to play at night. And sometimes, when dawn breaks at last, they will find new parts of the house that weren't there before. Surely they're there for a reason--but what that is, they'll have to figure out.


Empty Earth-A Multi-Fandom RPG
Empty Earth


Existence is made up of many different realities, and each of these is unaware of its hidden counterparts. Every reality contains its own worlds, its own stories; some realities even contain parallel universes within themselves. But each reality is separate, and never before has any reality interacted with another.

Beyond Existence itself there is something else. Something more. Something terrible.

Now, all of Existence has been devastated by an unknown and unimaginable force, ripped to shreds and left floating in the void.

But hope remains.

Something else is out there, and it's trying to fix things. This force is finding whatever survivors it can, and tucking them away in a new reality, to keep them safe, while it works to fix the damage.

If the damage can be fixed.

Check it out

A fragile peace has settled over the floating continent of Reial.

Tensions mount in the small island countries of Kropmork and Erealia; the two major powers on the continent, refined Ivona and wild Vohemar have found themselves increasingly at each others throats, while tensions in the Badlands, wedged between the two giants, have led to murmurs of independence. Across the skies and the tables of diplomacy fingers are on the triggers, and no one is sure where to point them.

There are rumors of a growing threat of a shadowy terrorist organization called Denouement, and yet no one could tell you their plans or the scope of their reach. However, from the scope of their previous actions, it's clear that they're being financed by someone who has a great deal of money... and, possibly, power. It's enough to make anyone twitchy.

Everyone is always recruiting, whether they be Vohemaro, Ivonian, Badlands, independent-or even Denouement-but do not think their motives only run skin deep. Through all of it, the people of this world sail the skies, trying to survive the turbulent times. Pirates, soldiers, merchants, thieves, actors, mercenaries, mad scientists, all of them united, despite their disparate views and allegiances, in wanting something better for themselves.

Choose a ship, declare your loyalty, and fight alongside your crew to make your dreams a reality.

theskytides: A plot-heavy steampunk multifandom AU game focused around airships with many opportunities for characters to get involved. There are three brand new ships, and applications are open, so join today!

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Vatheon; A pan-fandom underwater RP

a lost city.
You remember falling asleep one night. Perhaps after a long day, perhaps just for a nap, or maybe you just got knocked out from a bloody-hard hit from a foe. Either way, you were unconscious at the time. You recall a flickering sensation, almost like a dream or an out-of-body experience. You recall that your body went numb, your limbs tingled, and you felt weightless.

And then you were cold. And very, very wet.

the hidden city of vatheon


We currently have a growing Ace Attorney cast, including a Phoenix, a Miles, a Klavier, Kristoph, Shi-Long, Franziska, and Ema Skye! We would LOVE more!

Re:IMAGINE - a shin megami tensei online inspired multifandom game

Re : I M A G I N E

In the aftermath of the Great Destruction, those who survived constructed shelters, waiting for the day when they would rebuild their city.

Led by the Seven Philosophers, some of these survivors constructed a massive tower. This tower was called Shinjuku Babel. While the others retreated underground and constructed a refugee city known as Third Home.

These shelters provided protection from the demons who had invaded the area after the tragedy and continued their onslaught on anyone who'd come up from hiding.

This is where you come in.

Tokyo needs more Demon Busters to fight off the demons by working along side demons you have befriended or negotiated with. Your only choices are to stand and fight, or run and hide. Either way, you cannot forever ignore the conflicts going on in this world.

But you are not alone. People from different worlds have been pulled from their homes for the same reason. Together, whether cooperating, competing or clashing, you have to live and survive with these strangers and friends.

There has also sprung up two schools of thought: the Order of Messiah who believe in strict law and helping the weak while the Cult of Gaia who enforce free will and the strength of power. Tensions between the two factions run high as they both try to rise to power and lure you to their side.

And there is still unanswered questions: Why were you all brought here? For what purpose does your presence serve?

Now be wary. Not all is as it seems.

Re:IMAGINE is a plot based multi-fandom and OC-friendly RPG inspired by the Shin Megami Tensei series with a heavy emphasis on the MMORG, Megaten Online: Imagine.

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Game starts next week, on April 2nd, but apps and reserves open now!

Wonderland Wars - A Multi-Fandom RP
rainbows ʃ fancy fabulous oh yeah


It would be so nice if something made sense for a change.

You're having dreams.

Dreams of falling down a deep, dark chasm. Dreams of seeing strange things as you fall down - playing cards, a broken watch, a tea set - all of which are suspended in midair as you pass by them. Dreams of a land both familiar and unfamiliar where the imagination can run wild and free from the grasp of reality. Somehow it doesn't feel like a nightmare. It almost feels like falling in warm honey, slow and languid.

And then you wake up.

You find yourself on the cold, stone floor at the very top of a tower. The wind whips around you, even colder than the floor. You see several more towers - eleven more actually around you and one main one right in front of you. A man stands there, bespectacled and long-haired and obviously displeased. A watch hangs around his neck.

Welcome to Wonderland, foreigner. You have been drafted for war.


Currently reserved are Kay Faraday, Ema Skye and Franziska von Karma. We hope to see more AA characters! =D


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